Antagonistic Rhizoplane Bacteria for Controlling Plant Pathogenic Phytophthora


  1. To isolate beneficial bacteria from the roots of host plants cultivated in the different soil types of Bangladesh;
  2. To identify the collected bacteria and to gather knowledge about their growth and developmental stages and their life cycles;
  3. To screen antagonistic bacteria guided by bioassay using Phytophthora capsici ;
  4. To characterize and evaluate some selected strains of biological control agent for their efficacy in suppression of plant diseases caused by Phytophthora capsici;
  5. To publish those new findings in international journal and participate in producing new knowledge to the world.




Figure 1. The selected antagonistic bacterial isolates grown on NBA medium (at 3 days of  culture).

  1. Some novel bacterial isolates with unique biopesticide active against Phytophthora capsici are discovered.
  2. Antagonistic bacterial strains may be used for further study for biocontrol of plant diseases.
  3. Three of isolated and molecular level identified bacteria have been deposited to the Genbank of NCBI as accession numbers- KF979129, KF944378 and KJ000477.
  4. The novel findings of the research will be published in reputed international journal(s) and/or patented.