Group Study
Group study for work plan and objectives
Waste matter collection
Collection of waste materials from households.
Weighing of waste
Weighing of the waste materials collection.

Waste Management in BSMRAU: View for a Green Campus


  1. To create awareness among people by talking with them about what is biodegradable waste and what is non-biodegradable waste for proper dumping of wastes in specific dustbins.
  2. To find out the ways by which means different categories of wastes can be managed.
  3. To estimate the amount of biodegradable wastes produced in BSMRAU campus for the designing of an appropriate biogas plant.
  4. To manage the wastes and utilize it by recycling for the conservation of environment of  BSMRAU to make a “Green BSMRAU Campus”.


Flow chart of working procedure for Green BSMRAU Campus

 Figure: Flow chart of working procedure for Green BSMRAU Campus


From our little experience of the survey we are very much enthusiastic to recommend some ways. Following those ways a Green BSMRAU Campus can be developed, which can be referred as a model. Our recommendations are as follows-

  • Household biodegradable wastes, kitchen waste from student hostel and wastes from the farm can be collected daily and sent to a biogas plant. Some diagrams (diagram 1, diagram 2 and diagram 3) are presented below showing how biodegradable wastes can be turned into biogas and how they can be further used for the production of electricity.
  • Laboratory wastes should be managed with greatest care. Hazardous wastes like carcinogenic chemicals, xenobiotics will be incinerated and other wastes used for media preparation should be sterilized and then dumped to the dustbin.
  • Non-biodegradable wastes like plastics, polybags and glass could be sold for the further recycling.
  • We suggest setting of three types of dustbin in each place. Each dustbin should be marked by different color for easy identification of dustbin. Among the three dustbins one is for biodegradable, one is for non-biodegradable and one is for hazardous chemicals. The dustbin which will contain the hazardous waste must be marked by “danger sign”.