Seminar Series: Dr. Nizam UDDIN Ahmed

Another extraordinary and a highly interactive seminar on “Rapid Breeding Technology of Wheat in Australia” delivered by Dr. Nizam UDDIN Ahmed, Senior Researcher of Plant Breeding Institute of the University of Sydney at the Department of Biotechnology of BSMRAU.

Amazing success story of a fascinating breeding technology told by a dedicated researcher, Dr. Nizam. He successfully developed 6 varieties that have been commercialised by leading companies in Australia. Highly inspiring news for us.


Wheat is a second important cereal crop in Bangladesh. Although we need more than 5 million tons of wheat, our current production is only about 1 million ton. We badly need the double haploid breeding technology for a rapid development of high yielding and heat tolerant wheat varieties. Dr. Nizam’s technique can save 2-3 years of breeding time for development of a desired variety.

Obviously, Dr. Nizam is keen to support Bangladeshi researcher, who are interested in optimisation of his technique for wheat breeding. Today, 35-40 faculty members and graduate students were attended and inspired by the lecture delivered by Dr. Nizam. We hope, we could find a way of developing a collaborative project with him.

Our profound thanks to Dr. Nizam U Ahmed for kindly visiting our lab and delivering a great seminar and discussing with us after the seminar on possibility of collaboration with his Plant Breeding Institute of Sydney University.